Commercial Flooring

MCS(M) Transfloorm provide a range of commercial flooring products that are both economical and hard wearing, our commercial flooring solutions cover a range of flooring types from vinyl through to hardwood which are perfect for low to heavy useage. You will find more information about our commercial flooring for office and retail shops but we do carry out all sorts of flooring solutions for a wide range of projects including commercial venus, public spaces and also create bespoke designs so whatever your commercial flooring project be sure to contact us today. We cover most of the UK and have completed projects in Manchester, Gloucester, Portsmouth, Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham so whatever your location get in touch!

Office Flooring

Our Vinyl and Hardwood flooring is perfect for your office space, traditional carpet slabs can often fade fast, lift up or become stained after a period of time and can be difficult to maintain, all of which is not a problem with our office flooring products as they are very hardwearing and easy to maintain, clean and looking brand new. Hardwood or Vinyl flooring can not only save you money in the short and long term but it also adds a professional, modern look to your office building as it looks a lot smarter and is easy to keep it looking brand new! Our office flooring can cost a lot less than expected so be sure to contact us today for a quote.

Retail Flooring

Our commercial hardwood flooring is also perfect for retail shops that have a heavy flow of use, again like the office flooring products the hardwood and vinyl flooring is much easier to maintain, clean and keep looking new than traditional carpet or plastic floor slabs. We offer competitive prices on all of our commercial flooring work so please get in touch with any questions you may have about this service.