Hardwood Flooring

We offer a wide range of high quality hardwood flooring solutions. Hardwood flooring is one of the most viable long term floor coverings that can be used in any type of property. A Hardwood floor offers aesthetic beauty with practical advantages such as easy / low maintenance whilst being hygienic and easier to clean and easy to repair. Our Hardwood Flooring services are available in Liverpool, Manchester, Gloucester, Portsmouth, Bristol & Birmingham.

Why choose Hardwood Flooring?

By installing timber flooring you immediately add warmth and beauty to the room. You also have a floor covering that is easily cleaned, anti-allergenic and, should it become damaged, easily repairable. Properly maintained, a professionally-installed quality timber floor will give you decades of service.

MCS(M) Transfloorm timber flooring services

MCS(M) is a long-established and highly-experienced provider of timber flooring services. Based in Northolt (M25 J15) we are centrally located for all major national routes, and in particular the M3/M4/M40 corridors. Our services are used extensively by many leading shopfitting companies, architects and designers nationwide. We assist them in delivering to their clients’ exact requirement – a well-installed, immaculately-finished timber floor.


At MCS(M) we use only the best of products, whether in fitting or refurbishing your timber floor. From the damp-proof course and adhesive underneath through to the oil or sealant you specify as a finish – no corners are cut.

Solid hardwood flooring

Is, as the name implies, simply solid hardwood and is available in many different species. Choose a traditional timber such as Oak or Ash, or maybe a more contemporary look such as Maple or Beech. You could even go bold with the multi-coloured Brazilian timber the choice is yours.

Engineered wood flooring

offers all of the advantages of a solid hardwood without the drawbacks. Engineered wood flooring is, essentially, a layer of solid hardwood (the ‘wear layer’) bonded to a plywood backing. This backing makes the natural timber wear layer more stable and less prone to seasonal movement (shrinking and gapping) caused by variation in temperature and humidity. Engineered wood is also the ideal medium for pub and restaurant floors, minimising the issues caused by spills, leaks, and over-enthusiastic cleaning regimes.

A quality engineered timber floor will have between 5mm and 7mm of hardwood as a wear layer bonded to a plywood backing of approximately 15mm thickness, although slimmer versions are available to meet differing profile requirements.


Most solid hardwoods come as planks, but some are also available in block, strip and panel. Engineered timber is also available in plank, strip, block, and panel format. All can be configured to achieve an almost endless variety of designs.


We dont just install your Hardwood Flooring, we can also provide Hardwood Floor Repairs to damaged sections. Our professional team can visit and complete repairs to your hardwood flooring on the same day.